Friday, July 12, 2013

Welcome to my EDEM630 Blog

HI All

Well by now, most of you would be at least something about me as you would have read ABOUT ME. At least, that I am one of EDEM360 students!! Sorry for being late as I work away from home.

Now getting down to business.

I have worked through blogs about 2 years ago. I started taking papers on online learning from UC and always tried to do some work with my students. I had created a blog before for my social studies class. However, I had to refresh my memory on how to do it. Once I got started, it went on smoothly.

By maintaining this blog in this course I would like to achieve the following:
  •  Promote course-related discussions where the participants of EDEM630 can post their thoughts
  • Facilitate communication in this distance learning course - we can communicate with each other even though they don't gather in person 
  • Collaborate with each other to get best out of this course
  • Receive and provide the best of support to/from others  
I found the following while through the benefits of blogs in learning activities

I hope this will be of  interest to you.

If you are going to create a blog of your own, just follow this u tube link
It is very simple and easy to follow. This is the best I would suggest as these days most people like to go the way which saves visual instructions are the best-using technology!
However, other videos are readily available to support this. If you are a text person then‎

Any Comments?
Any Questions?
I will love to answer....


  1. Hi Saleshini,
    I love the comment in your profile about singing vs whistling in the shower. I can see that I will be quoting it to a few of my friends who like to sing too.

  2. Hi Saleshini,

    Welcome aboard -- You're not late, your introduction blog posts were published during week 1, so that's on time!

    You're prior experience with blogging should serve you well during EDEM630. Looking forward to reading your subsequent posts.