Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We can make the future happen.......

While many nations around the world have embraced the need for technology to achieve sustainability in education, only limited progress has been made on any level. This lack of progress stems from many sources. In some cases, a lack of vision or awareness has impeded progress. In others, it is a lack of policy or funding.  In addition to these generic issues, governments at all levels will need to address issues that are specific to local conditions (e.g., the quality of the relationship between the school governors and the teachers and the students and community).

The initial step in launching technology change in education is to develop awareness within the educational community and the public that reorienting technology to achieve quality education is essential. If government officials or school district administrators are unaware of the critical linkages between education and technological development, reorienting education to address the change will not occur. When people realize that technology can improve education, the likelihood of implementing national policies, regional and resource management programs, and local programs, then technology is in a position to be reoriented to help achieve the change. This awareness forms the essential first step in the reorienting process.

It is apparent that we were ready to move forward with the next steps; however, the importance of technology in education must reach beyond the delegations and permeate the educational community and the general public.

Inherent in building awareness are efforts to outline important linkages between technology, education and more responsible societies.
In large part, perceiving a need brings about a corresponding change in educational systems. 

Unfortunately, the need to achieve quality education is not perceived today as sufficiently important to spark a large response in the educational community. If leaders at all levels of governance are to make progress, the recognition and active involvement of the education sector is imperative to bring out the change.

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