Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Provisional Essay Plan:EDEM630

Goal:  to demonstrate my knowledge on a model(s) of change to answer the question: The effectiveness of using online virtual manipulatives in solving linear equations in Mathematics. This will relate to my personal change context in order to demonstrate my ability to apply theory to inform practice.

Information to be included: Abstract -summarising the topic, key findings and conclusion, Introduction-describing the context of change i.e traditional mathematics instruction to 21st century mathematics instruction using technology.The traditional or innovative technological methods of teaching Mathematics are to be explained. Importance and significance of the change for teachers and learners is to be explained. The central question of "online virtual manipulatives vs pen & paper method of teaching linear equations is to be addressed.
 Body-An appropriate  model of change with connections, which informs my case study. The traditional or innovative technological methods of teaching Mathematicsis to be critically examined. evaluated and some modifications in the delivery of knowledge is suggested. As such, the strengths and weaknesses of each teaching methodology are identified and probable modifications that can be included in traditional methods are suggested to bring about a successful change.
Conclusion-pros and cons of the models discussed.

Personal Change Context : I would like to focus on Teaching Practice in classroom.

Key question:Online virtual manipulatives Vs pen & paper, which is more effective?and How?

Main themes:
  • Change:from where, to where?
  • How
  • effectiveness
  • evidence
  • case study
  • participants
  • procedure
  • literature
Conclusion: Technology wins....adopt the change



  1. Saleshni,

    That's a good outline. I imagine that you will cover this - -but don't forget to define what you mean by "online virtual manipulatives" - its not a widely used concept.

  2. Hi Saleshini,

    I can imagine it would difficult for some teachers to move away from pen/pencil and paper in maths, maybe even more so than in other subjects. It sounds like a good topic for this change focus!

    I look forward to reading more!

    Have a good week,
    Sarah M