Tuesday, July 16, 2013

EDEM630 :Arena of Change

The purpose of my case study is to compare the effects of online virtual manipulatives to enhance algebra instruction i.e solving linear equations and traditional algebra instruction in terms of student academic achievement, student motivation, and student attitude towards algebra. In doing this comparison, I also hope to gain an understanding of how technology is being used by teachers and students in algebra instruction. In my study, I will concentrate on comparing two methods of instruction:
Online virtual manipulative (technology) enhanced algebra instruction and traditional algebra instruction
in three areas: student  achievement, student motivation, and student attitude.

In the pre-technology education context, the teacher is the sender or the source, the educational material is the information or message, and the student is the receiver of the information. In terms of the delivery medium, the educator can deliver the message via the “chalk-and- talk” method and overhead projector (OHP) transparencies. This directed instruction model has its foundations embedded in the behavioral learning perspective and it is a popular technique, which has been used for decades as an educational strategy in all institutions of learning.

The arena of change for the study is shown by the mindmap. There are various changes that are going to take place. The main change that is to be focused is the traditional method of instruction to 21st century teaching learning style. My mindmap is showing the 21st century instructional method and the changes that are to take place or is taking place in various sectors of education and yet they are all converging to achieve the same objective: Use of Online Manipulatives to teach Mathematics



  1. Wow, what a complex and well thought out process you have gone through. I appreciate how you have broken parts of your perspective down so it is easy for the reader to follow.

  2. Thanks Miss B for your appreciation and encouraging me.

  3. I forgot to include: IT and support at school. This is very vital part where change will have to occur otherwise the whole system of bringing technology in eduction will not function.