Friday, July 12, 2013

EDEM630 Research Topic

I am interested in carrying out a case study on: The effectiveness of online learning manipulatives in solving equations in Mathematics.

Evaluating the nature and extent of the influence of online virtual manipulatives on the quality of learning the concept of solving simple linear equations is of the key focus in the case study. Being a Mathematics teacher at the Correspondence School, it is of my deep interest  it is to identify, characterise, measure and model more precisely the features and processes through which online virtual manipulative  impacts upon teaching and learning activities. This study will offer an investigation and evaluation for analysing the effects of online virtual manipulative which may enhance or ameliorate the positive impact on learning of solving linear equations. This investigation is applicable to evaluation of traditional teaching methods and that of using the online virtual manipulative in teaching of solving linear equations, including assessment of the students learning.

The use of online virtual manipulatives use in evaluating the students understanding of solving linear equations at classroom level will be illustrated and analysed in the context of traditional classroom teaching: pen and paper method.

I believe technology has played a major role in transition of traditional methods of teaching mathematics to modern classroom teaching.  One of its contributions to this, which is quite significant in our classroom now, is using online virtual manipulatives to teach maths.Therefore, this study will discuss about the effectiveness of online virtual manipulatives, its benefits and drawbacks in mathematics education-solving linear equations, discussing the views of some writers and incorporating my experience as a mathematics teacher.
Using the online virtual manipulatives is an enhanced approach to teaching and learning of Mathematics. These online virtual manipulatives allow the learners to interact on-line, manipulate images and provides opportunities for constructing mathematical knowledge.

Active involvement enhances students learning. As mathematics is so abstract, applying this is difficult. One of the ways to bring practical experience in mathematics education is by the use of online virtual manipulatives where students are able to move the objects to reinforce the mathematical concept.

I will use a group of Year 10 students to carry out the case study. 

There is an ongoing debate about teaching Mathematics:traditional vs 21st century teaching methods. I hope to get an outcome with evidence that technology  is an effective tool to teach Maths-solving linear equations.
Teaching linear equations is an important part of algebra for secondary students.  There are different ways of teaching for solving linear equations to secondary students. This concept has to be understood by the students at the beginning of secondary education as most aspects of mathematics deals with solving equations in order to solve mathematical problems in years ahead and as well as to equip the students with skills to solve problems outside the classroom.

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  1. Hi Saleshni

    I also have a keen interest in this field. Excellent topic in this modern age learning which explores the different platforms technology has to offer.

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