Saturday, July 13, 2013

Annotated bibliography EDEM630

Moyer, P. S., Bolyard, J. J., & Spikell, M. A. (2002). What are virtual manipulatives? Teaching Children Mathematics, 8, 372-377.

Description:This paper proposes the concept ‘virtual manipulatives’ for constructing mathematical knowledge. Most of the time, online virtual manipulatives are similar representations of physical manipulatives but are on the internet, in the form of computer applets. Evaluation: The information is valid and is an article from a peer reviewed journal. This article will be useful for my case study as it will help me to support my idea that use of online virtual manipulatives integrates technology into mathematics education.

Piaget, J. (1952). The child's conception of number. New York: Humanities Press.

 Description: A chapter in this book discusses the concept development taking place as it progresses from physical tools to representation forms and then to abstract thoughts in Mathematics education. Evaluation: The information in this chapter is going to be very useful for my discussion of my case study as it will help me to discuss the various ways of development of mathematics knowledge. The source is reliable and the writer has a vast background of study in education.

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